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SeniorNet Motueka Courses for Term 4 2018

The following courses and workshops are being offered in term 4. Please contact the tutor of the course to enrol. These courses are for paid-up members of SeniorNet Motueka. Paid up members of SeniorNet Nelson may also enrol.
Interested seniors may attend, but please note that the fee is double that for members. If you are not a member click
here for information on joining. 

Click here for a Downloadable PDF calendar of the term events.


British Family History- Where do I come from?

Tuesday 9.30 – 11.30 Nov 20th 1 week $5 members $10 non members

A beginners guide to tracing your family history, using free websites and how to make the most use of them.

Tutor: Ann Bassford 528 5191


Tuesdays 9.30 – 11.30 Oct 23, 30 2 weeks $10 members, $20 non members

This course will give an overview of Facebook for beginners. It will also focus on getting more out of this popular social media site for those who already use it. We will demystify the terminology; explain the different ways of communicating via Facebook and how to control settings. Please advise if you’ll be using Facebook on your Laptop (notebook) or iPad or Android tablet or phone when you enroll. The systems are slightly different. If you need help setting up a Facebook account please contact the tutor before the course starts.

Tutor: Annie Coster 03 5403301

Genealogical DNA

Thursdays 2.30 – 4.30 Oct 25th, Nov 1st $10 members $20 non members

Every genealogist has “tools” to help them discover their family ancestry. It could be pieces of paper such as birth, death or marriage certificates or tapping into a relative’s box of mementoes and photographs. Using DNA for genealogical purposes is also a tool but unlike the information sometimes found on paper, it never lies. Those interested will most likely be genealogists who are faced with a “brick wall” in their research.

Gail Riddell is a popular genetic genealogist and speaker and has recently arrived in Motueka to live.

Tutor: Gail Riddell 02747770331

International travel and the use of new technology

Tuesday 2.30 – 4.30 Nov 20th 1 week $5 members $10 non members

The use of new technology (websites and apps on laptop and smartphone) for planning, booking and actual travel will be presented. The areas covered will be transportation (air, railways, rental cars, buses, ferries, boats, taxis, Uber), accommodation (e.g. via airbnb,, trip advisor, local agents), sightseeing, communication, navigation, travel documents, payments, etc. Technology and general tips are based on experience gained from several 4 to 5 months international trips; one of those will be used to guide us through the presentation (including photos and maps).

Tutor: Bernhard Nobis 03 929 8101

Make your own animated e-cards for Mac

Tuesday November 13th 2.30 – 4.30 1 week $5 members, $10 non members

This course is designed to enable members to make and send e-cards to friends and family for Christmas.

Tutor: Clive Dyson 03 929 8002

Make your own animated e-cards for iPad

Tuesday November 27th 2.30 – 4.30 1 week $5 members, $10 non members

This course is designed to enable members to make and send simple e-cards to friends and family for Christmas. Suitable for ios 11 and upwards.

Tutor: Clive Dyson 03 929 8002

Online banking

Time and date to be announced $5 members $10 non members 1 week

A feature of the workshop is the ability to use the Westpac demonstration internet banking site, meaning you can log into the site and practise transactions using dummy information hence overcoming any privacy issues that may arise if you used your own internet bank site. Workshop is applicable regardless of the bank you use.

There are two parts to the two-hour workshop:

Part one – SeniorNet tutor will present the Confidence with Online Banking presentation

Part two – Participants will practice using ‘Westpac One’ Online Banking demonstration site, with the help of a Westpac representative in attendance.

Tutor: Muriel Moran 528 6782

Smart TV

Monday 2.30 – 4.30 19th November. 1 week $5 members $10 Non members.

This workshop on how to use Smart TV will be a more in depth follow up to John Hunter’s talk on November 5th at the members’ meeting. People taking this workshop are encouraged to come and hear what John has to say before attending this course. This is not a pre requisite though.

Tutor: Bernhard Nobis 03 929 8101

Spreadsheets – Excel (Microsoft)

Wednesday 2.30 – 4.30 November 21st, 28th, December 5th 3 weeks $5 per session Members, $10 non members

This course is designed to teach basic spreadsheets and simple databases up to the level that can be used for domestic budgeting or managing the finances of a small club. Learners must be already familiar with basic processing functions before taking this course, including creation of folders, “Save” and “Save As”, Print and Print Preview, and Cut, Copy and Paste.

The course will be run as three separate workshops and members can any one or all of them. They will be (1) overview of Excel, (2) using formulae, (3) Putting it all together.

Tutor: Colin Hope 528 9734


Tuesdays 2.30 – 4.30 December 4th, 11th, 18th 3 weeks $15 members, $30 non members

Here is your chance to learn how to use Trade Me safely. Bring some photos of something you wish to sell and we will put them on TradeMe and watch them sell during the course.

Tutor: Clive Dyson 03 929 8002

WhatsApp – Part 1

Thursday 9.30 -11.30 November 1st 1 week $5 members, $10 non members

A free mobile messaging app allowing free secured exchange of digital messages worldwide.  Users can create personal groups; send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages.  Use it to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere. Class fun whilst learning about a really useful App. For Android and Apple smart phone users only.

Tutors: Maureen Hutton (iphone) 528 0630

Mary Dowell (Android) 528 8600

WhatsApp – Part  2

Thursday 9.30 -11.30 November 15th 1 week $5 members, $10 non members

More learning about this really smart and fun App. While you may have used it every day there are heaps of really cool tricks hiding in this app. The part 2 class is for showing off some of these and to share experiences and knowledge. Members must have previously done the part 1 class. Android and Apple smart phones only.

Tutors: Maureen Hutton (iphone) 528 0630

Mary Dowell (Android) 528 8600

Windows 10

Wednesdays 9.30 – 11.30am October 31st, November 7th, 14th 3 weeks $15 members, $30 non members

This course is for those who have a Windows 10 operating system. Learn to find your way around this new system and how to use the different Apps that come with your computer. Not suitable for those new to computing

Tutor: Mary Dowell 528 8600