SeniorHangouts – what is it?

SeniorHangouts is online tuition via Zoom. There is no charge. You will see the latest schedule of Hangouts in the weekly email of events coming up which is sent to you all by Clive and Kay.

SeniorHangouts is an initiative by the Federation of New Zealand SeniorNet Societies in conjunction with Google Classroom, offering a new way to learn online. SeniorHangouts has the potential to offer seven-days-a-week free online tuition, consisting of up to six half-hour presentations per day.  Also, a stand-alone mobile and tablet application for Android and iOS platforms is being developed, set to go live very soon.

A tutor, or Hangout “buddy”, meets up with registered participants on an advertised topic at the scheduled date and time, and all parties can see and hear each other. The presenter explains the topic by sharing his or her screen, often displaying a video or Powerpoint presentation. It is explained live, with participants able to interject and ask questions.

SeniorHangouts is up and running at 10 am every day, and all the back sessions are available to view. Very soon we expect further developments to be announced regarding the readiness of the app which will allow people to easily access SeniorHangouts on the fly, on the phone, device, desk top, and especially in your bubble.

How does it work?

Linking to SeniorHangouts

You can connect to the sessions without having the Zoom application on your device, you can choose to join from the browser itself. 

1. Link for connecting to the sessions: passcode: SH123

2. Or without the passcode:

3. All sessions are recorded and are available for viewing later. To access these:


More Information
To learn more about SeniorHangouts go to their website here.