CCIG (Countries & Cultures Interest Group)

Countries & Cultures Interest Group

The group meets twice a month (during term time only) on the 2nd & 3rd Thursdays from 2.30pm – 4.30pm.

The members attending this group choose a country (or geographical area) in advance to focus on each month. The first session on the 2nd Thursday will feature a speaker who has lived and worked (or volunteered) in a particular place overseas. Alternatively a video or documentary will be viewed together, or other material will be examined. For the second session on the 3rd Thursday, the members of the group research the internet on selected topics concerning the country so they can share what they have found.

Already enjoyed during 2019 have been presentations by people (members and outside speakers) who have lived for a period in Iran, Niue, Ali Curong (a remote Aboriginal settlement in the Northern Territory), and Romania. Coming up in 2020 presentations on Madagascar and Mongolia are planned.

CCIG offers something more than armchair travelling – although it is very enjoyable and offers ideas for travel! The meetings

  • extend participants’ knowledge of the world

  • challenge members as they learn about other cultures

  • prompt the group to carry out internet research

  • encourage the sharing of search methods & evaluation of sources

  • provide a forum for enjoyable discussion

CCIG is for SeniorNet members only. Cost $2 per session for coffee/tea.