Welcome to SeniorNet Motueka

What is SeniorNet Motueka?

SeniorNet is a nationwide community training network that supports and motivates people aged 50+ to enjoy and use technology in their everyday lives.

SeniorNet Motueka is the local learning centre aimed at people in the over 50 year age group who wish to develop computer-associated skills. Courses cover the use of PCs,  Apple Macs, iPads, Android Tablets and Smartphones. Training is carried out by volunteer club members in a sympathetic and friendly atmosphere. There is a significant social content in the club’s calendar which allows all members to get to know each other and enjoy activities.   Read more.

Activities of SeniorNet Motueka


Courses are held on a number of subjects, from starter courses for the users of PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones, to special interest subjects such as photo editing, using social  media or word processing and spreadsheets.

Help & Support Sessions

This is the place to be to ask for help, practice your course lessons, check out the library books, its up to you!!  For current members only.

Interest Groups

Interest groups can be formed around any subject that members are interested in. At present there are interest groups on seven topics.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held on the first Monday of each month. These are an opportunity to socialise with fellow club members. At the meetings there is always something useful to find out about – what is being offered by the club, or hearing computer-related news. Usually there is a guest speaker talking on a topic of interest.