PCs and Laptops


Beginners – (for PC)
This course will help you find your way around your computer. It is a must for everyone new to computing, and for those wanting to refresh before moving on to other courses. For users with Windows 7 and 10 operating systems. 4 weeks

Backing up your computer
There are many ways we can lose information on a computer – a destructive virus, a power surge, lightning or maybe a hard drive suddenly failing. It’s not a case of ‘IF’ this might happen to you, but ‘WHEN’, because it surely will. Be prepared by learning how to back up your precious files and photos. 1 week

Calendar making
Learn how to make a personalised calendar for end of year gifts using your favourite photos.  Choice of using Word, Publisher or Digital Image Suite (depending which software you have on your computer at home) AND we’ll look at the easy to use commercial website Vistaprint. 1 week

Email – Windows Livemail
Learn the basic tools to send and receive emails, including how to file mai into folders, set up a list of contacts and add attachments such as photos. Students need a basic computer understanding, and a personal email address at home. 2 weeks

Finding your way around your computer
Gain confidence in moving around the various sections of your computer, knowledge of some of the set-ups you can adjust on your computer, understanding of how to personalise the way your computer screen looks, PLUS time for hands-on practice and questions. 2 weeks

Inkscape – free graphics programme for Mac and Windows
Inkscape is a vector based drawing program and is a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.   4 weeks

Installing, configuring and uninstalling programmes
Learn how to safely install programs from the Internet and from CDs, looking out for pitfalls and unwanted extras along the way. Configure them to suit yourself, and uninstall correctly. Includes making a Restore point, free programs and lists of suggested sites. Not suitable for Beginners. Bring a flash drive. 2 weeks

Photo Editing with free software – Faststone
FastStone is a free download from the internet which helps you enhance your photos. Such as crop, straighten, enhance colour, lighten/darken add text and much more. 1 week

Photo Editing with free software- GIMP 1
This software is free, it has many functions and can do a lot more than edit photos. This course covers the fundamentals of Photo Editing, including text, selection tools, using layers and much more. 4 weeks

Photo Editing with free software – GIMP 2
Replacing the background and colouring black & white photographs, adding reflections to an image. Making a Collage with your Photographs. Creating interesting ways to present photos. Adding and removing objects from an image. Creating a Panorama from several images. Having fun while learning. (Must have completed GIMP 1) 4 weeks

Presentation software – Powerpoint (Microsoft)
Learn how to make a slide show presentation – perhaps to show photos of a trip, to accompany a talk you have to give, or to show at a function? We will use Microsoft Powerpoint so please check that you have bought this software and have it on your computer. 1 week

Spreadsheets – Excel (Microsoft)
This course is designed to teach basic spreadsheets and simple databases up to the level that can be used for domestic budgeting or managing the finances of a small club. Learners must be already familiar with basic processing functions before taking this course, including creation of folders, “Save” and “Save As”, Print and Print Preview, and Cut, Copy and Paste. 4 weeks

Website Creation using WordPress
We use one of the leading Web Site Content Management Systems – WordPress. A live student web site for you to work on is provided. We include the following: – You can choose a template, called theme and then create your site header, pages, posts, menus, photo galleries etc. No knowledge of HTML. Some skills in word processing and understanding of the internet would be of advantage. 4 weeks

Windows 10 – Beginners
This course is for those who have a Windows 10 operating system. Learn to find your way around this new system and how to use the different Apps that come with your computer. Not suitable for those new to computing. 3 weeks

Windows 10 – Advanced
Want to learn more about Windows10. 3 weeks

Tips for Windows 10
Coming along to this workshop to learn some special things you can do when using Windows 10 such as the Snipping Tool etc.

Word Processing – Word (Microsoft)
Become more confident when using Word. Learn how to use the formatting tools to make changes to words or paragraphs, use shortcuts to move around a document, become skilled at using cut, copy and paste, set margins, insert tables and photos and lots more. Students must have Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 on their computer. 4 weeks

Word Processing – LibreOffice
This is a shortened course covering Libre Office Word Processing for those wishing to recap on previous course. 2 weeks