Apple Mac

Beginners – (for Mac)

A beginner’s course for those new to the Mac OS. You will learn how to find your way around the computer, set up the Dock and customize your computer using System Preferences. You will be introduced to the programs that come with a Mac, including Email, Internet, and iPhoto. A must for all Mac users. Course will be extended to 8 hours if learners are totally new to computing.

Calendar for Mac
Learn how to organise your appointments and other special dates on your Mac Computer. 1 week

Genealogy for Macs using Mac Family Tree W/S
Learn how to begin a family tree, by entering details of your immediate family and go back through the ancestors.  Bring some basic facts like dates of birth and correct names, and as much other information that you have.  See how to add photos of persons too, as well as extra interesting facts, and print out a simple family chart.1 week

iMac Preview
Preview is one of the essential apps provided free with your IMac. It is an amazingly useful programme in so many ways. Learn and practise all the cunning uses for this app which resides waiting to be used at the bottom of your screen. Anton and Malcolm will be on hand to guide you. Bring your MacBook, or use a SeniorNet one! 1 week

Inkscape – free graphics programme for Mac and Windows
Inkscape is a vector based drawing program and is a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.   4 weeks

An introduction iPhoto, the photo editing program that comes with your Mac. Learn how to import and work with your photos, organise them into Albums, detect Faces and edit them using crop, rotate, straighten, enhance and add effects. 4 weeks

Pages – for Mac
Think of a cross between Word and Publisher – Apple’s word processor with the ability to handle and edit pictures and graphics, use templates to produce professional-looking flyers, letters, and newsletters and so on, produce graphs and even do simple spreadsheets. 4 weeks

Spreadsheets – Apple Numbers

Presentation software – Keynote (Apple)
Learn how to make a slide show presentation – perhaps to show photos of a trip, to accompany a talk you have to give, or to show at a function. Keynote comes free with Apple devices 4 weeks