Tablets and Smartphones


iPad – Stage – 1
An introductory course for those new to the iPad. Learn how to use the touch screen with various finger gestures. Set up and use the Contacts and Mail apps. Learn how to use the keyboard and how to download apps from the app store. Please bring your own iPad. 4 weeks

iPad – Stage – 2
Continuing to understand the iPad, searching the web, backing up, downloading books, taking, editing and storing photos, Siri, map, messages and new apps to try. Please bring your own iPad. 3 weeks

An introduction iPhoto, the photo editing program that comes with your Mac. Learn how to import and work with your photos, organise them into Albums, detect Faces and edit them using crop, rotate, straighten, enhance and add effects. 4 weeks

Pages – for iPad
Learn how to use this powerful word processor to produce reports, newsletters, greetings cards, etc. Start with a blank page or one of many templates, choose a font and font size, add shapes, photos or videos to the text. Learn how to convert the document to Word for emailing to others, and how to import a Word document for editing in Pages. 4 weeks

Android introductory course
A comprehensive course for Android tablet and phone users. You will learn how to set up the basic systems, find your way around the different screens and tool bars, and how to use some common Apps, including email and Internet. Bring your own Android Device. 4 weeks

WhatsApp – Beginners
A free mobile messaging app allowing free secured exchange of digital messages worldwide.  Users can create personal groups; send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages.  Use it to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere. Class fun whilst learning about a really useful App. For Android and Apple smart phone users only. 1 week

WhatsApp – Advanced
More learning about this really smart and fun App. While you may have used it every day there are heaps of really cool tricks hiding in this app. The Advanced class is for showing off some of these and to share experiences and knowledge. Members must have previously done the basic class. Android and Apple smart phones only. 1 week