Beginners – (for PC)
This course will help you find your way around your computer. It is a must for everyone new to computing, and for those wanting to refresh before moving on to other courses. For users with Windows 7 and 10 operating systems. 4 weeks

Beginners – (for Mac)
New to Mac – ”SHORTCUTS” The Apple Macintosh Basics – Learn to use Cut, Paste, Copy, Print, Quit, Close, Undo, Redo, Open, New, and Save. Those actions so basic and frequently used that a “keyboard shortcut” is available. Any Apple Operating System. 4 weeks

Android introductory course
A comprehensive course for Android tablet and phone users. You will learn how to set up the basic systems, find your way around the different screens and tool bars, and how to use some common Apps, including email and Internet. Bring your own Android Device. 4 weeks

Windows 10 – Beginners
This course is for those who have a Windows 10 operating system. Learn to find your way around this new system and how to use the different Apps that come with your computer. Not suitable for those new to computing. 3 weeks

IPad – Stage – 1
An introductory course for those new to the iPad. Learn how to use the touch screen with various finger gestures. Set up and use the Contacts and Mail apps. Learn how to use the keyboard and how to download apps from the app store. Please bring your own iPad. 4 weeks