Any Device

Backing up your computer
There are many ways we can lose information on a computer – a destructive virus, a power surge, lightning or maybe a hard drive suddenly failing.1 week

Beyond the Basics (General computer use)
A series of sessions filling in some gaps of knowledge around what you do your computer. We’ll review tips on the internet; shortcut commands; different ways of saving images; organising files; what to do when you get stuck! Session 3 will be devoted to problems & questions that you the class want. 3 weeks

Learn how to “Blog” by creating a site to use as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family. It is especially useful when on holiday so you can share a travel diary with photos and news. (Mac or PC) 1 week

Botany for Gardeners
“The study of plants for enjoyment” a 2 part course – 4 units each term, with full notes, from what is a plant? to function and structure, with emphasis on practical knowledge which may help gardeners. 4 weeks

Bring your photos to life
Bring your photos to life by adding moving snow, rain, fire, water, birds, butterflies etc. to them.
Software and documentation provided.2 weeks

Calendar making
Learn how to make a personalised calendar for end of year gifts using your favourite photos.  Choice of using Word, Publisher or Digital Image Suite (depending which software you have on your computer at home) AND we’ll look at the easy to use commercial website Vistaprint. 1 week

Card making
Get ready for Christmas and learn how to make gift and greeting cards using Microsoft Word. Personalise your cards with photos and clip art. 1 week

Cloud computing
Come along to a Q&A session to find out about the different options for storing documents and photos using free cloud based services. Many useful applications, easy & free! 1 week

Digital Camera Basics
A basic course for those new to taking photos with a digital camera. Get to know your camera and learn how to take shots, download them onto your computer, make changes with basic editing and then save them where you can find them again! Bring along your digital camera and manual. 3 weeks

Email – Gmail
Gmail is the free web-based email programme that is provided by Google. These two sessions will provide an introduction for beginners, plus do some problem solving for people who already use it but might be frustrated! We’ll also cover some neat tips to help you get more out of this software. If you need help setting up a Gmail account please contact the tutor before the course starts.2 weeks

English language history 1
A look at the very early origins of the English Language – dealing with the first four units of what is a 10 unit course. What did early English look and sound like? Come and find out. 4 weeks

English language history 2
An introduction to how English has become a world language over the last 2000 years. Six sessions, with full notes to take away. Learn how ancient Germanic, Celtic, Briton, Roman, French plus borrowings from other languages have become modern idiomatic English. This course is a follow up from last year’s successful course. New students need to ring Malcolm for advice on a future course. 6 weeks

This course will give an overview of Facebook for beginners. It will also focus on getting more out of this popular social media site for those who already use it. We will demystify the terminology; explain the different ways of communicating via Facebook and how to control settings. Please advise if you’ll be using Facebook on your Laptop (notebook) or iPad or Android tablet or phone when you enrol. The systems are slightly different. If you need help setting up a Facebook account please contact the tutor before the course starts. 2 weeks

You’ve been told you need a Flash Drive – but it didn’t come with any instructions on how to use it! Learn what you can do with your flash drive, including how to name it, scan for viruses, save files and folders to it and then find them again, and use it as a back-up or storage device.1 week

Google Tools – overview
Join us for a romp through the increasing number of tools Google has on offer. We’ll concentrate on a few e.g. Google Earth, different ways of web searching, Google News, translating, creating a  personalised calendar, Google photos back up ……… 3 weeks

Google Earth & Maps

Internet – Getting the most out of your browser
Have fun learning how to find information on the Internet. We’ll look at different internet browsers; how search engines work; tips on reading a webpage. Learn how to set up your Home page, create folders of favourites and save sites into them, copy and download from webpages, and lots more handy tips. 2 weeks

Internet – Search engines and search tips
The world of the internet is always changing – if searching for what you want doesn’t always work for you – come along to share your frustrations & queries! We’ll have some good tips to share.1 week

Internet – What’s new, what’s useful & staying in control
This course will give you confidence to search the Internet, find what you are looking for and stay up to date. There will be time for some familiarisation with internet terminology, time for your questions and for plenty of hands-on practice. 3 weeks

How to find, save and listen to music from the internet. 2 weeks

Mp3s – how to find, record, save, convert, rip, burn and share. Also how to make all your songs the same volume, as well as how to make your own ringtones. Transferring music to and from an iPod without going through iTunes will also be covered.This course is for Windows OS only.3 weeks

Music – a sharing session
Do you need to know about downloading and sharing music? How about iTunes – Internet Radio – and play lists? Need to convert vinyl, cassettes, CDs to MP3 format? Come along and share your knowledge. 1 week

Online banking
A feature of the workshop is the ability to use the Westpac demonstration internet banking site, meaning you can log into the site and practise transactions using dummy informationence overcoming any privacy issues that may arise if you used your own internet bank site. Workshop is applicaple regardless of the bank you use.
There are two parts to the two-hour workshop:
Part one – SeniorNet tutor will present the Confidence with Online Banking presentation
Part two – Participants will practice using ‘Westpac One’ Online Banking demonstration site, with the help of a Westpac representative in attendance.
1 week

Online shopping
Find out about Online Shopping together. We will navigate various online shopping sites and cover how to pay safely online. Please bring your own devices. You will need a google or similar account to access the internet.

If you have any specific sites you would like to cover or questions please contact before the session starts.1 week

Photobook making
You will be shown a couple of easy to use websites which enable you to make a photobook – holiday, family celebration, hobby – topics are endless! Time to practice and share tips as we work on our projects. NB: Only those who have completed the “Getting to Grips with your Photos” course may enrol. 2 weeks

Photos – storing, editing, sharing
Get to grips with your photos – These sessions can be taken singly or together. 1: Storing photos: moving photos safely into folders, naming them and backing up. 2: Editing photos: learn how to do this with some free easy to use programmes. 3: Sharing photos: how to send to friends on email or different social media, sharing bundles of photos via the web. 3 weeks

Photos – a sharing session
Do you have problems organising and editing your photos? Is it a mystery how to transfer photos from phone or tablet to PC or Mac? Come along to problem solve together. 1 week

Photos – Syncing your photos between devices
These sessions will look at ways of syncing your photos between the various devices you use – phone, camera, tablet. We will look using Google Photos, which syncs your photos, saves storage space on your device, as well as providing a secure backup in the cloud. 1 week

Pinterest beats Facebook hands down for its lack of gossipy rubbish, as it concentrates on photo images and video.  Users get their own pin board to pin up their pix etc. great for displaying wedding and other occasions, but also valued for hobbies like quilting and animal breeders, etc. to display their favourites.
Suitable for both PCs and Mac users. 1 week

Presentation software – Slides (Google)
Learn how to make a slide show presentation – perhaps to show photos of a trip, to accompany a talk you have to give, or to show at a function? We will use the free Google Slides software. 1 week

Printing and saving from websites
This course will look at different ways of copying information from a web page, saving it and reusing it. We will also include revision of ways of copying, pasting, deleting, plus creating folders, naming, and moving them.2 weeks

Refresher course (general)

Learn how to keep in touch with friends and family through Skype Video, see your grandchildren from over all over the world free of charge (if they have skype). You will need Skype down loaded on your computer but it is a free download. 1 week

Here is your chance to learn how to use Trade Me safely. 3 weeks

YouTube can provide us with access to world wide places for entertainment, knowledge, and other tips and tricks.
The workshop will show you how to access it safely and easily.  You will be able to search it to meet your needs or to accept YouTube suggestions as it learns of your interests and creates communities of like interest.  It will also demonstrate how to connect YouTube from your mobile device to your TV using Chromecast and other gadgets. The course is for Apple or Android devices. BYOD encouraged. 1 week