August 2020 Committee Meeting

Notes from the August Committee Meeting

→ Held Monday August 10th, the Committee is glad to report that the road signage for our entry and exit areas have been improved with the addition of two new ‘No Entry/No Exit” signs installed, hoping to remedy traffic flow.
→ It was noted there are some Committee roles being vacated at the end of this finan-cial year—some by folk who’ve given us all many years of valued contribution. Watch this space for more news of the upcoming vacancies—so you can be ready to volun-teer a little of your time. We Need You !
→ Our Treasurer Allan provided statements of receipt and payments, noting our annu-al insurance bill is coming due shortly, – Allan is communicating with Toy Library for their portion.
→ In light of our meeting with the SeniorNet Federation CEO at the Top of the South Meeting (see Clive’s President’s Post) some discussion took place regarding the best ways in which SNAP could be utilized and maximized for both us and the Federation.
→ Enrolments for our Term 3 programme have been uneven with some being full and others needing to be cancelled due to lack of interest. Careful note is being taken of where demand lies so that we can tailor future programmes to meet demand.
→ We’ve improved the ease-of-use for all 3 large screen monitors to be in use when speakers are using an on-screen presenta-tion—so that all in the room can easily view the content on any of 3 screens.
→ Membership currently stands at 203 members, with 2 new members pending.

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