September 2019 Committee Meeting


Fibre has been installed at the rooms providing even faster than expected internet speeds.

After a lengthy discussion a resolution was passed “That there will be no more Monday ‘Help & Support’ sessions and that one-on-one sessions will be offered every Saturday between 2pm and 4pm and the cost set at $5.00 to give each attendee up to half an hour if busy and longer if not busy.”

Of the surplus equipment recently offered for sale to members, only one desk has sold.

The office computer will be spring cleaned of old files during terms 3 & 4 break.

Grant Sidaway spoke at the September monthly meeting.

Statement of receipts for August and the year to date was presented by the Treasurer.

Gutters have been cleared of leaves.

The Defibrillator pads have been flagged for replacement.

Currently 40 members have renewed for the 2019/2020 year.  Reminder TO all members that subscriptions are due for renewal on October 1st.

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