MIG Report for September 2019

One of our best turn-outs for the September Mac Group meeting, and a busy session it was.

We kicked off proceedings with an item of special interest to rugby fans…Roger  Pittman gave an illustrated (Keynote) presentation on how the Spark streaming of matches to New Zealand was supposed to work, and why it did not.  The number of times the signal has to pass to and fro across continents and oceans is amazing – if not absurd – to the extent that any action on our screens here is at least 40 seconds after it actually happened.  Assuming it reaches the screens at all.  No doubt it will come right in time… It is all basically a question of capacity and demand.

We discussed some of the things coming up in the new Mac operating system,   Catalina, which will be available for download in the next few weeks. The usual advice applies – wait a couple of weeks before downloading it, so the rush is over, and any undiscovered bugs are found. There have been so many beta copies of the OS under test by hundreds of  test users that hopefully there are no more bugs of note to be found.

We also looked at the upcoming Apple  games system, Arcade, which will allow users to play many dozens of games for $5 a month. Anyone buying a new Apple device will get the service free for a year.

After a couple of useful Macmost  tutorial videos, we had a long look at the use of the Mac’s built-in program construction app:  Automator.  Using this, in minutes you can – for example—even write a little program to turn a PDF document into an editable  RTF  or Word document. Instructions are on the net. Just Google “Automator apps”.

Clive also advised of upcoming Mac tutorial sessions for members: Mac Basics, and then Pages for Mac, and more. They will be Monday afternoon sessions. Don’t miss out…

by Anton Petre

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