MIG Report for August 2019

Fair turnout for the  August Mac Group meeting, and we started with a chat about the scams around at the moment – Spark is the popular phone scam at present.  Spark will not ring you. Apparently however this scam has already worked with one woman in Mapua who gave out bank account details, and…you can guess the rest.

That’s the phone, but there are plenty of phishing emails coming through too.. from IRD, various banks, Paypal, Apple – you name it.  All want your bank or credit card information. Most of them look very genuine. They aren’t.

It has reached the point where pretty near any unrecognised phone call is likely to be a scam, and emails are not much better. We are now also starting to see more “robocalls” – phone calls from a computer, sometimes  apparent by a very  mechanical voice. Many of the Spark calls come this way. In the US, legislation is being passed to make robocalls a criminal offence, and phone companies are trying to find ways of detecting and blocking them.  Some folk report getting five or six fake calls a day…

We next had an amusing TED talk video on trying to unsubscribe from unwanted  email messages, “The Agony of Trying to Unsubscribe”.  Worth Googling if you want a laugh.

Other videos and subjects we checked out included varying Mac screen resolution, inverting screen colours, using dark mode on the screen,  using voice controls and commands  instead of the keyboard, choosing different  computer voices,  making photo slideshows, and how to vary and add things to the Mac menu bar.  All in all a pretty busy session.

by Anton Petre

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