iPPIG Report September 2019

Apple announced the new iPhone 11 and a new Apple watch at a special event on September 18. They also launched their new ios 13 software operating system, subscription game library and subscription TV. We opened our meeting by watching extracts from the video of that event.

This was followed by a video of Apple’s new software operating system for the ipad, called ipadOS. This operating system will be launched on September 24 and supports a new home screen and the use of a USB drive amongst many other new features. The new operating system for iphones was available on 20 September.

Peter demonstrated a security camera from Wyze. This is a wifi connected camera costing $25 US from Amazon. The camera is controlled by an app, has night vision and will send notifications to you when it senses movement or sound in your house.

Colin spoke about an app, homes.co.nz which provides estimated property values for 1.4m New Zealand homes and maps their location. The app also provides specifics about the properties and previous sale history.

Colin also spoke about tips and tricks for better internet searching.(https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jan/15/how-to-use-search-like-a-pro-10-tips-and-tricks-for-google-and-beyond) The tips he described will give more defined google searching criteria when looking for something specific. The simplest is to place quote marks around a phrase or name to search for those exact words in that exact order.

by Peter Beaumont

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