August 2019 Committee Meeting


It was reported that the club’s details have been updated on the Incorporated Societies website.

The statement of accounts for July was presented.

Membership numbers were reported at 247 currently.

The details of our lease contract with Xerox for our printer/photocopier is to be reviewed.

A refurbished Apple Mac laptop has been purchased.

Two Windows computers that are no longer used (a W7 & a W10) will be advertised on our website inviting offers from members; the two workstations are for sale as well.

The office computer is having out of date files cleaned off; a new hard drive, box & software will be installed prior to the start of term 4.

A remote meeting with Marlborough Sounds was held using the Zoom software. The sound quality was poor, but the principle of using this software was considered as being very worthwhile.

Heavy rain recently caused a water deluge above the entrance door. The gutter has been cleared & gutter guard is to be added. A tree at the front of the building which was the source of much debris, has been removed.

It was reported that from the recent survey of members, 30% have returned their completed forms.

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