iPPIG Report August 2019

We started the meeting by watching an amusing little video of cats playing iPad games and then watched a video tutorial about the dock and the split screen function.  Barbara then spoke about QR codes and how they offered a quick way to a relevant web page.  She then explained how the Control Centre on an iPad or iPhone could be personalised in Settings by adding widgets – over a dozen were available.

Colin said that new iPads and iPhones came with many apps already installed by Apple and that he had been asked what they all did.  He demonstrated several of these and mentioned that some  had many functions that were not immediately apparent, eg the Clock app contained a customisable world clock, an alarm, a stopwatch and a timer.

Trish then spoke about the Photomyne Photo Scanner app, which she had been using to digitise her collection of old photos.  The app brought out details that could not be easily seen in the original photos and it could also be used to add realistic colour to black and white photos.

Sandra mentioned that people with a smart TV (or Chromecast device) could use the casting facility in Google to view photos from their iPad on their television.  Finally, Clive demonstrated a way to spend a wet afternoon – by painting with numbers using the Veraxen app Oil Painting, Colour by Number; Helen had also used this app and she and Clive had both produced some very nice pictures.

by Colin Hooker

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