iPPIG Report July 2019

Our opening video was from Macmost covering free ringtones for your iPhone or iPad.
Trish showed how you can download a ringtone through garageband to Ringtone sounds. These can be used instead of the standard options for ringtones, text tones or contacts. There were 250 downloadable tones to customise your iPad.

Colin, who is currently overseas, provided us with a video where he talked about the app Clocks. This app allows you to set alarms, features 6 different time zone clocks and is easily adjusted for brightness. The main clock can be digital or analogue with and without seconds.

Peter talked about imessages for ios13 where Siri will read any text received when you wear ear buds and you can speak the reply message to be sent. There are 4 ways to write a message. By Siri, by using the microphone in the text line, by using the microphone on the keyboard and by typing on the keyboard.

Clive played us a movie he had made about an app jigsawHD. He used the movie to promote his imovie course starting 6 August as well as describing the app. He noted that doing jigsaws on an iPad is addictive with 10,000 jigsaws to choose from. The app allows selecting shapes, rotation and number of pieces for each jigsaw.

John discussed resetting a modem when you have problems with your fibre internet. The modem needs to be turned off for 5 seconds then restated. In the following discussions Helen said she had been advised by a computer support company to ensure you have a good but not cheap modem.

Finally we looked at using a VPN to access foreign TV channels, using a tile to find your car/dog/luggage/keys. The tiles have a range up to 90 metres and cost around $60. Also using wirecutter.com, a part of the New York Times for finding the best tech product when you have a range to choose from. Also using Libby with other libraries in large cities to download e-books where you often have a better book selection than the local library.

Peter Beaumont

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