MIG Report for June 2019

A brilliant little instructional video on use of the Mac dock, created by Clive Dyson, led off the main activities at the June Mac Interest Group meeting.  Some good questions by the  good attendance too. One centred on the use of the cut and paste facility, and its shortcuts, and on tasking full or partial screen shots. The latter has been improved with some new tricks in Mac OS Mojave.  More  interesting developments will be in the next Mac OS, Catalina, which is due for release in September.

Another question revolved around the use of two ways to sort out a Mac  which has been upset by a power spike or something similar: resetting the PRAM  (Parameter Random Access Memory)   and the SMC  (System Management Controller). Instructions for this are available online…use Google or DuckDuckGo   (or Dogpile) to find the information.

We had a further look at the  Affinity Photo  program  which is  touted as a replacement for Photoshop (but at $80 for the program)  and  then at a series of  great hints for the Mac  that are available on YouTube.  One of the most useful of these was a series of hints on Mac Mail, and another on keyboard shortcuts.

Sadly we see from the last newsletter that lack of attendance has led to two interest groups shutting down. At this meeting we started off with only a couple of people, but happily  quite a few more soon turned up, and there we apologies from three or four who are overseas.

But for all interest groups, the warning is there — use it, or lose it.

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