May 2019 Committee Meeting

Main points from the May Committee Meeting

  • Financial report—treasurer Allan presented the current statement of receipts and payments.
  • Remote training—president Clive reported (in his absence) that there have been encouraging results experimenting with providing training using the free Interactive software called Zoom.
  • Tree management around the building—Mary reported that the deciduous tree on the nor-east corner is not categorised as protected, so it can be dealt to. Gutters will also be cleared of leaves when all leaves have dropped.
  • Courses—Sandra presented a monthly education report. The committee agreed to a proposal that a “Meet the Tutors” session similar to Nelson’s would be held in conjunction with our December monthly meeting. All members will be invited to come along (a) to hear about what courses tutors can offer, also (b) to give feedback on what additional courses would be of interest to them.
  • Technical support—Dave reported that all the Windows machines and laptops have received their updates. Replacing the old Windows 7 computer in the office was discussed. Maureen and Sandra havebeen tasked with clearing out unwanted files and checking which programmes will need to be transferred.
  • Maintenance—leaking tap, water running in a toilet, a sticking internal door, have all been attended to.
  • Website—Bernhard confirmed that meeting dates have been updated, reports of interest groups and the latest newsletter uploaded.
  • Members meetings

– it was decided that the June 3 meeting (Queens Birthday holiday) would take the form of a “pub”


– Grant Sidaway will address the September 2 meeting. The committee discussed buying him a book

about the local area on his retirement as a thank you gift.

  • Holidays—dates when committee members will be overseas were noted. Mary will be dealing with membership matters while Maureen is away (her phone will have a redirect message). Sandra will stand in for Bernhard re additional website tasks.


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