MIG February Report

MIG Report 22nd Feb by Anton Petre

The dangers of buying things advertised on Facebook was one of the first things raised at the February Mac Group meeting. Anton reported he had been conned by a genuine-looking advertisement by EccoMall of Britain for Ecco shoes…but when the shoes failed to turn up an email to EccoMall revealed that the advert was a fake, copied from their genuine site, but directing payments to a criminal in Singapore. $80 down the drain. Note too that the bank will not refund if you take more than three weeks to let them know.

The importance of remembering and noting passwords was covered, with a video warning too about bad passwords.

Problems with the new Mojave operating system and how to fix them was another topic, along with advice on how to find files, and material they contain, using the Mac’s powerful search systems.

Finally we looked at reviews of internet providers and cellphone services covered recently by Consumer. On the Internet front, Slingshot, Vodafone and Spark came out at the bottom of the list for billing, customer service, customer wait times. Flip was worst for slow speeds. Consumer magazine also reviewed modems and mobile phone services. Most phone services passed muster.

Some good questions from Mac members, including how to solve two-part authentication problems and nags (still working on that) and printer problems. Another Mac Group meeting next month, Friday 22nd March.

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