iPPIG February Report

iPPIG REPORT 18th Feb by Colin Hooker

We started the meeting with a couple of videos, a humourous one demonstrating the foolishness of using a newspaper app on the iPad as a fly swat and a more serious one showing how to personalize the control panel. Then Colin followed the newspaper theme by talking about the latest Press Reader app which enables people with a library card to read a huge range of newspapers and magazines from around the world.

Barbara then demonstrated some of the fitness apps she had been testing on her iPhone – the Health app (that comes with the iPhone), Stepz and Pedometer. The accuracy of all 3 was about the same, but Health was not so convenient as it only updated information on distance walked and the number of steps about every 10 minutes.

Robin then spoke about the difficulties he’d had with Noel Leeming and Apple over a faulty iPad. He said that the Consumer Guarantees Act provides excellent protection for people who have trouble with a product they have bought, in that the supplier must refund the purchase price or offer a replacement if the product fails within a reasonably expected lifetime. Robin finally won his battle by threatening to take Noel Leeming to theDisputes Tribunal.

Colin demonstrated an app he’d had a lot of fun with – My Talking Pet Pro – which allows one to record a message that appears to come from a pet animal and the send it to a friend or relative. You can use one of your own photos or one supplied with the app.

Other apps mentioned were The Nelson App which gives local news, weather and sports information, Stuff, a news app and Curiosity Stream which has a huge library of BBC documentaries. John gave some useful information about the iPhone: the worldwide emergency number is 112; to activate the reserve battery power in your phone key in *3370#; to find out your phone’s serial number, a 15 digit code, key in *#06# then write this code down so that if your phone gets stolen you can quote it to your service provider and they can then disable the phone.

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