MIG October Report

MIG report, by Anton Petre

How to quickly and easily reduce the size of pictures (answer— use Preview) was one of the first questions at the October Mac Group meeting…and more good ones followed. These included one on how to capture YouTube videos for use in certain presentations — answer: download the free program Clipgrab which makes it all easy.

A warning was to get Clipgrab from the official clipgrab.org site, and not some of the others which Google throws up—-and which try very cunningly to deceive users into downloaded the very undesirable and pernicious MacKeeper software. Always check just what you are downloading before clicking on the download button.

Clive Dyson gave a presentation of an animated Christmas card…how to do it will be the subject of a workshop he is running soon, just in time for Christmas.

Clive also had a presentation and handout on useful shortcuts…a lot of them. Very handy.

We then had a look at features of the new Mojave (pronounced “mow-harvey”) operating system, which seems to have a lot of very clever new features. Then we had Finder and other hints, answered a question on how to use accents, and an introduction to the latest USB standards.

A busy and well-attended meeting. We missed Mac Group and general SeniorNet stalwart Malcolm Garrett, who is very ill in hospital: we wish him all the best.

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