Recent Motueka Scams

Below are 2 reports of recent scams that happened in Motueka

Scam 1
The member of the Motueka public received a phone call on her land line from a person who claimed to be from Microsoft. He managed to convince her that her computer was at risk and talked her through installing Team Viewer and then giving him control of her computer. They were on the phone for well over an hour and she had no idea they were accessing her bank accounts. Fortunately a friend came by and told her to disconnect at once and call her bank immediately. Fortunately it was business hours. The Bank was able to reverse most of the money they were removing from her account. This experience has scared her so much she has had her land line disconnected.

Scam 2
I, a member of SeniorNet Motueka, received a phone call on one of my landlines (we have 3). The man had a strong Indian Accent and told me he was from Spark. He then tried to tell me I had a faulty modem and my internet was not working properly. I stopped him at this point and said I had no problems and my internet was fine. He persisted so I told him I couldn’t understand him as the line was bad and asked for a number to call him back. Of course he couldn’t give me a number to call back! I hung up the phone. Not long after the other line rang and the same or a similar sounding person was on the line saying the same thing. I told him that he was a scammer and I was going to report him and hung up the phone. I called Spark and reported the calls. They told me that if I had continued the conversation he would have asked for money to repair or replace my Modem. Spark are aware of this scam and working to stop it but it is almost impossible.

Our advice… ask for a number to call them back and then call the company they say they represent (use the phone number as listed for the company not the one they give you) and report the call. Reporting is important as it may help get these people stopped.

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