MIG June Report

MIG report, by Anton Petre

Security was high on the list of topics at the Mac Group meeting in June, reminding people that the main risk is scams, not virus infections. We were able to report that the club’s Macbook has been given a new lease of life with some extra memory and and SSD replacing the old hard disk, the two changes bringing anamazing speed improvement and hopefully prolonging the laptop’s usefulness for another two or three years, at a cost greatly below that for a replacement.

Remember those old games like Pong, and Snake, and Tetris? Believe it or not, all of them are on the Mac, but it take the entry of a fairly complex line of instructions to give access to them. We also found that though they work fine an older machine, the latest operating system and our 2017 iMac would not run them—- probably because there is some small but necessary program missing from the latest OS. More research needed.

But we were able to demonstrate the “living desktops” wallpaper available free on the App store, so you can have your screen with a background of a spectacular tropical fishtank, among other curiosities. Quite a few hints and tips and some handy video tutorials filled out the bill.

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