iPPIG July Report

iPPIG meeting 20th July

Just 10 people at the July iPad meeting. John Harrison began by telling people what numbers to ring if they lose their NZ passport: 0800 22 5050 when in NZ, +6444 63 9360 if overseas. Replacement cost is $180, if you need it in 3 days it will be $360.

If you have a problem with SIRI understanding your voice, you can turn on the type to SIRI option – go to General-
Accessibility-SIRI. You can toggle between using microphone or keyboard.

Clive Dyson demonstrated the free Stop Motion Studio app for making movies. It is available for Android Mac and Windows as well. Clive showed various animations including a few he has made, one memorably entitled “The great sock escape!” He pointed out that making animations is very time consuming – it takes 24 frames for 1 second of movie!! If you pay $7.99 for an updated version of this app it has better features, including the ability to use a remote camera e.g. your phone.


If you are scrolling through a long article on the web, tap the battery icon top right and you will be returned to the top of the document.

It is not possible to turn off Bluetooth and Wifi completely in the Control Panel, you must turn them off in Settings.
QR Code scanning – no need for a special app, you can use your iPad camera directly.

Facial recognition for iPad is to be rolled out later this year for iPad, bigger smart watches and the “long awaited” Mac Mini.

Concern expressed that a person who found the way to unlock an iPad when the passcode has been entered wrongly 10 times actually published the method on Stuff. Discussion followed about whether Apple will change the system, also about the ways of setting up finger print recognition.

Query about scanning documents to iPad. The camera can be used, apps like Prizmo can be downloaded, but we revisited the excellent facility within Note for scanning – open a new note and click on the + inside a circle at the bottom of the screen.

John Croxford showed a Lightening to VGA cable that he bought from Noel Leeming for $70. It will link your iPad to an overhead projector directly.

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