May Mac Group

By Anton Petre 
Variety is good,  and there was plenty of it at the Mac Group meeting at the end of May. It was a cold day, and a good turnout— we proised them warmth. We started with an explanation and demonstration of Mac’s split screen, which makes it easy to pop up two applications side by side. The we spent quite some time on the subject of spam, and the related one of email and email programs.  We showed how to set rules  in Mac mail to trap spam and other unwanted mail,  or direct specific mail to particular mailboxes.  We discussed how Gmail is excellent at trapping spam, and also that it can be used anywhere, being a web mail system not tied to a specific ISP.  But Mac Mail has some good features of its own and plays nicely with other Mac programs.
A recommendation for trapping spam in Mac Mail  is the program Spamsieve…sample versions can be downloaded through a Google search, but for general use the program costs about $30. It can be well worth it. We looked at how you change mailbox behaviours, and the variations possible in mail preferences.
Then on to Photos, a look at how to make the master pictures easily accessible,  the  use of the Hidden Photos command, and a quick look at editing photos and how this has been greatly expanded in the latest Mac OS operating system, High Sierra. Then there were tutorial videos on Apple Maps, and on the built-in Mac security setting known as Gatekeeper.  Plenty to think about and  experiment with.

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