Directories versus Search Engines

A search engine is a robot that trawls the internet, matching your search terms to websites then presenting you with a list of results (often very large and sometimes not very relevant!)  You  can choose which one seems more efficient, the one without too many pesky ads or the one that offer helpful refining options. Some popular search engines at the moment are: Ask, Bing, Dogpile, Duckduckgo, Google, IxQuick, Webcrawler, Yahoo.

An alternative approach to finding information on the web is to try directories. These are not robots, directories are compiled by humans who have selected quality websites and compiled lists on specific topics for you to browse and select from. A totally different approach but one you might like to try.

An example with a New Zealand focus is If you like it you can set it as your home page to save the trouble of making bookmarks (or favourites) of your frequently needed sites. There are examples for most subjects —try this one for patient health information Worth a look also is,  it offers search engine AND directory approach . You change as you wish!!

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