Taking charge of your Windows computer updates

How important is it to accept updates? All ‘Important’ updates should be installed whenever you have the
opportunity as they contain improvements and safeguards that are intended to make your computing a safe and pleasant experience. However, it is better if you only receive them when it’s convenient, so it’s important to know how to control them.

The default setting for Microsoft Updates is “Install updates automatically”.

When this setting is selected your computer will check with Microsoft every time you connect to the Internet, and if any new updates are found they will immediately begin to download to your computer.

This can be a problem if you are using someone else’s connection, as your data download will be charged to their account e.g. when you are using your computer at a SeniorNet session.

Once downloaded the updates will immediately begin to install. Some updates require the computer to be re-started before they are completed. Now, when you switch off your computer you will see a message such as “Configuring Windows updates. Do not turn off your computer”.

This can be another problem if you are in a hurry and just want to pack up and finish your computer session.

If you normally use your computer at home and regularly connect to the internet using your own connection this ‘Automatic update’ setting is the easiest and most convenient, so need not be changed.

However, for those of us who do not use our computers often, or do not have an Internet connection at home, it may not be the best option. For these people, it is better to take control of the update process and choose when it is convenient and cost effective to connect to the Internet and carry out the update process. i.e. make sure you have plenty of time and the permission of the internet connection supplier to perform this task.

So, how do we change the default settings for Windows updates?

In most versions of Windows the easiest way is to type ‘update’ into the Search box, and select Windows update from the options shown then choose ‘Change Settings’.

[Source = Golden Bay SeniorNet Newsletter]

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