Shrink to fit

Shrink to Fit

No we’re not talking about jeans or that spreading waist line but text! Isn’t it annoying when you end up with just a few lines of text on the final page of a document in a Word processor? Well there are a number of ways you can solve the problem.
1. Go to “Select All” on the home menu then reduce the size of the font. You need not be restrict-ed to the numbers in the drop down menu. Just type in the required size. Even decimals work just fine, e.g. 10.4 Remember to watch what is going to happen before clicking the mouse but-ton.
2. Go to page design and reset the page margins to narrow.
3. Not quite enough? Time to get really sneaky. Click on the spaces between paragraphs and reduce the font size. Especially space consuming is that between a heading in large type and the beginning of the document.
4. If you have graphics on the page try reducing their size by selecting then dragging the handles at the corners of objects.

[Source = Marlborough Sounds SeniorNet Newsletter, Donald]


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