Make more room for things on your Android Tablet

Does your Android Tablet pop up messages to advise that there’s not enough room in its memory to do something? For example it might refuse to download an app or photograph, or to get updates.
There are ways of reducing the problem.
1. You can delete some files – photos, music, videos and PDF documents by using the My Files app. It’s probably easier to use the Gallery app for choosing photos to delete.
2. You can delete apps that you no longer use.
(a) Tap the Apps icon. (b) Locate the app to be removed. (c) Press and drag it to the trash can at the top of the screen. The background around your fingertip turns red when you reached the trash can. (d) Lift your finger, and the app is deleted.
3. You can move apps to an SD card. Most Tablets have a slot for holding a micro SD card.
Apps that take up a lot of space can be moved onto the SD card. This additional memory is often called external storage.
First check whether your device has a micro SD slot and whether there’s a card in it. Buy one if the slot is empty. You don’t need the most expensive brand. Once you have a micro SD card installed it’s easy to move apps.
1. Tap the Settings icon (a cog-wheel).
2. In the General section of Settings, in the left-hand column tap on the Application Manager. On the right-hand pane you’ll see a list of apps.
3. Choose an app to be moved. In this example, Word has a size of 234MB. That’s worth moving.
4. Tap on the chosen app to open a pane displaying details.
5. Tap on the MOVE TO SD CARD button. Wait while the transfer is made. A pop-up message should appear briefly when this has happened.
Note: There will be variations in the way Tablets function. Here’s how it goes on some older devices.
1. Starting on the Home screen go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications.
2. Choose the app you want to move.
3. Tap the Move to SD card button.
[Source = John Whalley in the Tauranga SeniorNet Newsletter]

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