New MacBook 2017 Release

New MacBook 2017 release date rumours: When is the new 12in MacBook coming out?

So, when are we likely to see the next generation 12in MacBook? Considering that Apple only recently released the 2016 variant of the laptop, we imagine that we won’t be seeing another upgrade until next year, 2017. But when in 2017?

We had originally expected to see the 2016 variant of the MacBook announced during 2016’s Spring Apple event, which was one year on from Apple’s unveiling of the very first models, but instead, Apple revealed the iPhone SE, a 9.7in iPad Pro and new Apple Watch straps, with no mention of an updated MacBook.

However, weeks later Apple surprised us by updating the MacBook without any bells and whistles or another event. The MacBook Air also got a tiny update that simply added 8GB memory as standard for the 13in model, and not much else. What does this tell us?

Apple is a company of habits – new iOS software is showcased every June (along with macOS, tvOS and watchOS) which is then released alongside the latest generation iPhone months later, in September. It has been that way for more than a few years now, with the only exception being with the launch of the iPhone 4. Following Apple’s MacBook habits to date, it suggests to us that we’ll be seeing the 2017 MacBook sat on our laps between March-May 2017.

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