Access to Newspapers

Accessing newspapers electronically …. by Sandra Price
The way we access news has changed beyond all imagining. How many people do you know who still buy a daily print newspaper and use that as their ma in source of news? The numbers tuning in to the news on TV and radio to receive a selection of stories at a set time are also reducing.We prefer immediacy, our choice of topics to read, and electronic access is a first choice for most: newsfeeds, social media or our favourite outlet’s website e.g. RadioNZ, BBC etc.
Newspapers have been digitized for archiving for a long time. Now as print subscriptions decline, electronic copy is increasingly being made available for the public on the web—no surprise that providers are competing for our business offering different formats. The local Library offers a range of NZ papers and magazines via the “PressDisplay” link on their e-Resources page. If you like the exact look of the
print newspaper on the screen, this is for you, classifieds, death notices, crosswords etc all included. The library purchases the latest 3
months. Many collections of full text newspapers (national and international) are available on the web e.g. A selection of articles is provided for free, you pay for full access, or for a specified amount of archive. Unless the newspaper has paid someone to construct an index to its content, don’t expect great searching options of back issues. A Google custom search box perhaps, or Ctrl +F to find words on the page.
Many people use the web version of a particular newspaper. For example gives a nice browsable version of the Otago Daily Times with a reasonable keyword search of contents. It is not trying to look like the print version of the newspaper at all. Fairfax Media provide a selection of the day’s news from their newspapers and magazines via the popular website. Allied Press provide separate webpages for it’s publications at Some titles go back many years e.g. the GreymouthStar to
2013, the Otago Daily Times to 2004. A lot of ways to access our newspapers!

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